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Your Only Source on the 'Net
for Magnificent Tapestries from Israel!

We represent many of Israel's finest artists and tapestry factories, and are the exclusive source on the Internet for reproductions of designs by famous artists such as Oleg Kletsky, Noemi Carciente, the famous Lavi Collection, and others.  We also offer tapestry designs from new immigrant artists recently arrived from countries around the world.

A unique technique enables our suppliers to transform exact replicas of the works of famous artists into magnificent tapestries.  The tapestries are handmade from 100% pure wool. The natural wool fiber offers the advantages of extreme softness, resiliency and absorbency of noise.

These tapestries make exciting gifts as well as investments, providing a lifetime of joy, an appreciating asset, and a sound investment which will bring the spirit, flavor, and soul of the land and the people of Israel deeply into your life.

Our prices vary depending upon the size of the tapestry. Our current prices, in U.S. Dollars, are as follows:

Size Dimensions Price
Size A: 16" x 24" $200.00 plus S&H
Size B: 20" x 32" $300.00 plus S&H
Size C: 28" x 44" $550.00 plus S&H
Size D: 32" x 48" $600.00 plus S&H
Size E: 40" x 60" $900.00 plus S&H

Please feel free to browse our gallery of tapestries, and to contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

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